Sadly, cancer, in many forms is prevalent in society today and you are likely to know of someone who is or has been suffering from one form or another or who has sadly passed away.

There are many local and national charities who seek to provide funds to further research into cancer or to provide support in their communities for those who need help.

We would like to offer you a range of cancer awareness products in the form of silicon wristbands, awareness ribbon metal lapel pins and awareness ribbons to help you support your local charities.

Cancer Research UK have created a downloadable calendar showing which months are associated with which major forms of cancer to raise awareness and you can download it from here.

When you order products from this category we will give you an additional 5% discount from our trade prices. All you have to do is to either enter CA2023 in the discount code box or quote this when e-mailing us for a quote.

Let us do our bit to help reduce the impact of cancer in our communities.

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