BADGES - enamel & 2-tone

We understand that choosing the right badge for you can be difficult, so to help you here as some of the basic guidelines:

Enamelled badges are produced in spot colours only (so graduated artwork cannot be used). They require thin lines of metal (called keylines) to separate 1 colour from an adjacent colour. Where your design includes small detail that cannot be keylined, ie: text, then we can substitute the colour for the plating finish you have chosen.

We work with 2 types of enamel -
Hard Enamel and Soft Enamel. These are matched to Pantone C references.

On Hard enamel badges, the enamel lies level with the surface of the metal and on Soft enamel, the enamel sits below the surface of the metal and can, if required, be covered with a clear epoxy dome.

If your design is not suitable for enamelling, ie: the design is too complex to input keylines, there is graduation in the colour or the corporate style guide does not allow for changes, then choose Printed Metal.

Alternatively, for more subtle badge choose either 2-Tone, with sandblasted backgrounds or a simple die stamping. In either case, there are no enamel colours.

Corporate Jewellery items, such as Cufflinks, Tie-Pins, Tie Slides, Money Clips and Pendants are made from any of the production methods used for badges and then finished with the appropriate fitting.

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